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Minster based Band on National TV -
The Allen Family Band on 'The One Show'

Present Issue: No.255:
March 23 (150th colour cover)
(available from Friday 24 February)
Next Issue due : Friday 24 March (Apr 23)

Copy Date for April 23 Issue : Friday 17 March

ISSN 1755-9502 (Print) : ISSN 1755-9510 (Online) : ISSN 1758-4175 (CD-ROM)


The nine below are those we chose to use in the magazine,        on the CD & Web for 2017/18

Sylvana V D Bosch        Henry Colley             Beau Newman
Sonny Hulme                 Sophia Guy       Rebecca O'Connor
Connie Beckley       Tilia Elliston     Maisie-Louise Thomas
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kvoy plaque

Minster -in-Thanet - Kent Village of the Year 2009
This was the last year that Calor ran the competition in England, Scotland and Wales
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Listen to our Radio interviews (Radio Kent 02-09-09) total 13mins
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MM is delivered free to every home in Minster
Also: Limited availability at St Marys Church and Old Schools,
Minster Hardware, Cliffe's (Butchers)
and the Library.
Copies may also be obtained, in very limited numbers, outside of the village,
from St Mary Magdalene Church - Monkton,
St. Nicholas Church - St Nicholas-at-Wade,
St Nicholas-at-Wade Post Office, Monkton Nature Reserve,
plus both Ramsgate and Margate Tourist Information Offices
and the Broadstairs Kiosk in the open season

Minster Matters is, we hope, a very informative village magazine run entirely by a small team of volunteers and aimed at keeping the community up to date with local news, events and village concerns.

Printed monthly, except for January, and consisting of between 28-32 pages (occasionally 36) at present, you’ll find everything that matters in the area from local interests and views, to services, useful numbers and contacts. With so much covered we’re sure you’ll enjoy the read!

Whilst the editorial team try very hard to uphold an unbiased and factual approach to reporting news, and covering, wherever possible, both sides of a story, we also provide the opportunity for readers to respond with their own thoughts, which we endeavour to print in the magazine, subject of course to the usual editors approval and space being available.

The first issue of Minster Matters (hard copy) appeared at the beginning of 2000 due mainly to the efforts of the then Editor Kelvin Holdom. Kelvin built on his initial 4 pages until he moved to Devon in August 2006 when it had grown 6 fold. June 2006 saw our first online edition available (it is hoped that we may be able to get a copy of all the earlier issues online, but this will be an ongoing project that may take quite a while) and the magazine is now regularly read in the far reaches of the globe. February 2008 saw us venturing into the realms of producing a spoken version on CD, for those less fortunate than ourselves, who have problems with their sight (Februry 2022 saw us produce our last CD version as there was no demand for it post Covid). July 2009 saw the magazine take the next step in it's onward development with the introduction of a full colour cover and then in December 2011 we entered the world of both Braille and large print versions when we officially opened our office in the neighbourhood centre. From November 2017 we ceased offering Braille and large print versions as we no longer had the premises in which to produce them. Our Braille printer and ancillaries were then donated to the KAB.

Office opened officially by Marvyn Attwell on 18th December 2011
Office closed November 2017 due to KCC looking for 6 years back rent !!

The magazine was disributed from the library from January 2012 up until Decmber 2022 when KCC Libraries decided to impose an hourly charge for the use of the premises for this - distribution then moved to the Cemetery Chapel thanks to the kind permission of Minster Parish Council.

Marvyn Attwell         office opening

cake cutting         cake

no editor !!
Why do they all look so happy ???

Whilst Kelvin successfully produced the magazine with little or no help (except for his very willing band of deliverers) for quite a number of years, slowly he coerced more and more volunteers onto the team, and as at launch date of this website we had a regular group of 8 volunteers who worked tirelessly each month to get it to the printers on time, and another group of approximately 30 people who took it upon themselves to go out in all weathers to deliver hard copies to all properties in the village.

From here you can access both current and back issues.

Although we deliver the magazine, free of charge, to every property in the Minster Electoral Area, all costs being covered by advertising and donations, we are also able to send it further afield on subscription. For further details please visit the "Purchase" link on any page


All Copy, for any issue, must be with the Editors
at the very latest by the 3rd Friday of the preceding month,
regardless of the actual date.
We cannot guarantee a space for all copy received


new gazebo

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