Now you have an insight of these two villages it is time to explain what we do and why we do it. The Minster Armbouts-Cappel Twinning Association was formed to provide a cultural and commercial link between the two villages.

Our constitution is detailed below and sets out how we all work together. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration and it is these factors that we strive to complete for the good of both of the communities.

Minster Armbouts-Cappel Twinning Association Constitution
What did we agree to do?

The Conseil Municipal of Armbouts-Cappel and the Parish Council of Minster-in-Thanet having agreed by resolution to form a Twinning Arrangement.


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Formally Resolve:
1) To honour this Twinning Arrangement by establishing and maintaining a friendly relationship with each other.
2) To foster and develop mutual understanding and respect between the citizens of Armbouts-Cappel and Minster-in-Thanet.
3) To encourage and assist youth and adult organisations, clubs, companies, and all groups of people in Armbouts-Cappel and Minster-in-Thanet to communicate and exchange visits with each other, thereby developing human and cultural relations and establishing a firm foundation for future understanding, respect and friendship between the citizens of Armbouts-Cappel and Minster-in-Thanet.

As signed and agreed by
Maire; Mr Claude Conelis and Chairman of the Minster Parish Council;
Councillor Raymond Razzell in Armbouts-Cappel on the 6th September 1998

Minster Armbouts-Cappel Twinning Association Members
Who ensure we adhere to what we promised?

The members of each Twinning Association are the people who dedicate their time to ensuring that the Constitution is adhered to and that communications are sent regularly between the two Associations. They also work together to organise events, exchanges and competitions that you may partake in. Association members are all volunteers from the local communities where they live and they have the villages at their heart.

Minster-in-Thanet Twinning Association Armbouts-Cappel Twinning Association
Vice Presidents: Ken and Lindsay Thacker
Joined Association: 1998
Mayor: Jean-Luc Darcourt
Joined Association: 2002
Chairperson: Malcolm Bubb
Joined Association: 2012
Deputy Mayor: Raymond Drieux
Joined Association: 2002
Vice Chairperson: Roy Burden
Joined Association: 2017
Deputy Mayor: Jean-Paul Dumotier
Joined Association: 2002
Honorary Secretary: Carol Bubb
Joined Association: 2012
Deputy Mayor: France Veriepe
Joined Association: 2002
Honorary Treasurer: Roy Burden
Joined Association: 2017
Deputy Mayor: Jeannine Bernard
Joined Association: 2002
Parish Council Liaison: Roy Burden
Joined Association: 2017
Deputy Mayor: Francis Brunet
Joined Association: 2002
Church and School Liaison: Pat Hogben
Joined Association: 2013
Deputy Mayor: Lilane Vanbatten
Joined Association: 2002
Committee: Roy Bailey
Joined Association: 2009
Municipal Councillor: Jean Bonduelle
Joined Association: 2002
Committee: Chris Ransom
Joined Association: 2011
Committee: Paul Robelet
Joined Association: 1998
Committee: José Pollaert
Joined Association: 1998
Committee: Josë Cau
Joined Association: 1998